This video shows how easy it is to reset the BMW ABS-II system, demonstrated on a 2000 R1100RT.

(This braking system was used on K1100 from 1994 onwards, R1100RS/RT/GS/R, R1200C, and to 2000~2002 on the R1100S, R1150GS, and K12 models. The procedure may differ on models other than the one shown.)

The most common times this is going to happen is when either your battery is low on voltage, or after servicing your brakes, where a brake bleed is then in order. The ABS is very senistive to low voltage, so  tired battery is sure to trip it.

This is not a guaranteed fix for your system! If you have a fault code shown by alternating blinking ABS lights, than after you address what is causing the problem, this will allow you to reset the system.

This instructional video provides a visual guide to the service and is not meant to replace either the service manual or your professional local mechanic. Please work responsibly on your bike and consult your manual before attempting any of the procedures outlined in this video. Remember I /we are not responsible for your mistakes.