Northern Illinois BMW Riders

Rides & Routes

Ride Safety is Your Own Responsibility

Club members are avid riders.  Often we invite non-club members to join in campouts, breakfast events and other meet ups.  Sometimes a route is recommended, but it is never required.  It's a good time to remind everyone that in order to have safe and enjoyable rides, we strive to ride within the following guidelines.

  • Please ride in a staggered formation in the straightaways!
  • NO side by side riding
  • "Look Out" for the rider behind you, especially through intersections
  • Wear the appropriate riding/safety gear. You are responsible for your own safety.
  • Ensure your bike is in proper running condition and tires properly inflated properly.
  • Arrive to the ride fueled and ready to go. Don't be "That Guy or That Girl"!
  • And certainly, feel free to bring a camera!