Northern Illinois BMW Riders

Rides & Routes

Ride Safety is Your Own Responsibility

Club members are avid riders.  Often we invite non-club members to join in campouts, breakfast events and other meet ups.  Sometimes a route is recommended, but it is never required.  It's a good time to remind everyone that in order to have safe and enjoyable rides, we strive to ride within the following guidelines.

  • Please ride in a staggered formation in the straightaways!
  • NO side by side riding
  • "Look Out" for the rider behind you, especially through intersections
  • Wear the appropriate riding/safety gear. You are responsible for your own safety.
  • Ensure your bike is in proper running condition and tires properly inflated properly.
  • Arrive to the ride fueled and ready to go. Don't be "That Guy or That Girl"!
  • And certainly, feel free to bring a camera!

Our rides our open to non-members and members alike, as well as all makes and models of motorcycles.  Please do become familiar with our ride etiquette here, and help everyone ride safely.

By participating in our rides or events, riders hereby waive and hold harmless BMW Motorrad Club Northern Illinois, its officers and directors for any cause of action a rider has now or may have against BMW Motorrad Club Northern Illinois in the future. This extends to riders' executors, administrators and assignees.