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4/17 – Annual Breakfast “Hail Ride” to Pecatonica, IL

Saturday Breakfast Ride - Dubbed the Annual Hail Ride NO - we do not hope for hail! We prefer sun...
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April 15 Zoom Meeting – We’re Riding

Ahhhh....April. Hope you got on the road these first beautiful days of April. Coming up: Thurs., 4/15 - Club Meeting...
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Going to BMW MOA National Rally?

NIBMW Club is going too! Ride with us or meet us there. BMW Motorrad Club Northern Illinois (that's us!) is...
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4/30-5/2 Money Creek Haven MN Weekend

Caution: Beautiful Riding and Great Friendships about to Happen   Houston Minnesota - Money Creek Spring Ride The rally is...
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“I WANNA GO” March 18 meeting

MN, MI, WI, MN, PA, WV, IL....NIBMW members will be busy this summer   Our Zoom Meeting was full this...
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Feb. 18 Zoom Meeting – Navigation Apps

Do you know where you're going????? It may be freezing cold and gawd awful snowy now, but in a few...
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Jan 21 Meeting: Total Control(R) Advanced Rider Training, and Nav Apps

On Thursday, Jan. 21, members and guests will hear about the Total Control Advanced Rider Training NIBMW plans to offer...
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2020 Club High Mileage Winner!

Congrats to our high mileage winner for 2020, Mr. Kirk Johnson himself.  He was followed closely by Steve Schwarz, who...
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