Club Riding Challenges

2019 Club Riding Challenges are closed, and submissions are being taken by Steve Schwarz, Club Vice President through Dec. 1. 2019.

2019 Mileage Challenge:

  • Easy to enter the challenge for yourself, or to drive a little friendly competition among Club members.

2019  Rules:

  • Take a date stamped photograph of your bike's Odometer at the contest start, and a date stamped photograph of your bike's Odometer at the challenge completion. Do for multiple bikes if your ride several.
  • Submit a summary of your combined mileage to Steve Schwarz, Club Vice President, through the Club email: by December 1, 2019.
  • For the top three entrants, Steve will reach out to you.  You must produce the date-stamped pictures of the Odometer readings as proof of mileage ridden.

Historical Marker Challenge

Another easy to enter challenge for 2019 that gets you on the road and seeing the sites.

2019 Rules - Ride to as many historical markers you can find over the course of the contest. Can be in any state and on any bike.  If you rent a bike or share someone's, you must have ready the rental agreement, or a dated, signed statement from your friend that can be verified.

  • Take a picture of the marker, and include your motorcycle in the shot.
  • To submit, add up the number of markers you photographed and submit by Dec. 1 to Steve Schwarz, Club Vice President, at  The top 3 submissions will be contacted by Steve to produce their photos so he can verify the winners.
historical marker