2020 Club High Mileage Winner!

2020 Club High Mileage Winner!

Congrats to our high mileage winner for 2020, Mr. Kirk Johnson himself.  He was followed closely by Steve Schwarz, who was just a few hundred miles short of taking the prize.

This year the winner received a beautiful BMW beer stein.  No matter what drink that's poured into it, it's a beauty to enjoy.

Many Submissions Despite Challenging Year

We had 10 Club members enter the high mileage contest.

The first and second place winners both topped 8,000+ miles in 2020.

Third place came in at 7,800 miles.

The next two high mileage submissions were 6,000+, followed by the next two between 4,600 and 5,500 miles.

Overall, club members who submitted mileage ridden in 2020, on all bikes, added up to over 66,000 miles.  This means our club rode several times around the earth, safely, and in the middle of a pandemic.

2021 Club Challenge - 80,000 miles+

2021???  We're hoping all members record their starting mileage on all their bikes, and submit their ending mileage in November 2021 when we do our Club Collective Ride round up of mileage.

Let's shoot for 80,000+ miles, and if we really want to stretch it, let's sign on 20 new members and hit 150,000 miles!