Memorial Service for Gerhard

Memorial Service for Gerhard

All NIBMW Members and Friends Welcome to Honor Gerhard

The family and friends of Gerhard will gather on Saturday, April 22 at 1:30 p.m. in Huntley, IL to pay tribute to the man who touched so many lives in the motorcycling world.

For details of where, click here.

The BMW Motorrad Club Northern Illinois has chosen to plant 5 trees in Gerhard's honor to signify the 500,000 miles Gerhard rode on his BMW motorcycles.  There are no other words to say except what Gerhard always told everyone he met - "Ich bin glücklich.



  1. Jim Ariola

    Gerhard was a fine man. I met him 3 year’s ago when I joined the club. I always enjoyed talking to him, and hearing him tell me some of his stories. He will be missed, and his BMW Banner witch he always brought to the meetings will be missed also. Gerhard a Real Gentemen

  2. Elam

    Gerhard helped me out when my motorcycle wasn’t feeling very well. He put me in touch with someone who was able to advise me on the solution. That was nearly twenty years ago. The Palace campout was a fun event too. He was always a great guy. Thank you Gerhard, you certainly helped a lot of people and will surely be missed.

    For those unable to view the MOA ON archive, here are the pages in question.

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