Nov. Club Meeting – Presentation on Grand Tour Rides for 2023

Nov. Club Meeting – Presentation on Grand Tour Rides for 2023

What do BBQs, Steam Trains, Airplanes, Statues and Silo Murals All Have in Common?

One of the greatest pleasures of motorcycling for our club is discovering new places and amazing sights.  Grand Tours - put on by several motorcycling groups around the country - take one to such unique places.

At our November 17 Club Meeting, a few members will give a presentation on the various motorcycle self-directed Grand Tours that are offered, and that they've participated in.

These "tours" are always based around interesting themes (hence BBQs, or Steam Engines, or Veteran's Memorials, or Historical Markers, or Rural Airports), and generally take riders to locations within their own state, or across the country if they so choose.

Come hear about the 2023 Grand Tours that open registration for riders as early as January.  Most run from March or April through September or November.    But registering early is needed to get all the rider information involved.


  1. Superb share Liz,

    Truly appreciate your efforts for the club as these are the aspects that everyone WISHES, a club would provide insights on. Just got my rig out for some final test drives, system checks and suspension stiffening. Already looking at the Jan Breakfast as a MUST.

    J Donleavy

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