2021 High Mileage Winner!

2021 High Mileage Winner!

16,861 miles in '21, and over 8,000 two-up!

Dave Bullock and wife and passenger June know how to rack up the miles on their motorcycle.  Dave was the 2021 Highest Individual mileage winner for the 2021 in our Club, traveling 16,861 miles! Over 8,000 of those were ridden two-up.

Where all did he and June go?  Some of the states covered included Kentucky, Virginia, Tennessee, West Virginia, North Carolina, the Driftless Region states of Wisconsin and nearby Minnesota and Michigan, the Upper Peninsula (during which Dave bagged 1,000 miles/24 hours - also known as a Saddle Store), and Colorado.

Favorite ride?

"The best was from Buena Vista, CO to Gunnison (over Monarch pass), then south on 149/160 to 285 and back to Buena Vista.

The ride was almost totally free of stop lights, traffic, and allowed for a generous use of the throttle. While temperatures were 85-90, a bright sun and light wind made the hours of riding a delight."

In all the club clocked 179,940 miles from those who submitted mileage.

The next riders closest to Dave's mileage submitted 16,404, 13,212, 11,075 and 10,475 miles.

The Club's 2022 mileage goal is 225,000 miles.