2022 New Year Brunch Kick Off

2022 New Year Brunch Kick Off

2022 Club New Year Brunch in the bag....

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2022 Club Riding Challenge - 225,000 miles

Sunday Jan. 2 was sunny and bright after a snowy evening before.  It was great to see many smiling club member faces at our BMW Motorrad Club Northern Illinois  (NIBMW) annual Holiday Brunch New Year Kick Off.

We announced:

  • Our CLUB total mileage for 2021 - 179,940 (we circled Earth 6.2 times!)
  • The winner of our Highest Individual Miles Ridden contest  - Dave B. at 16,861

And, we set the goal for 2022 total club mileage at 225,000 miles!

This year we were fortunate to have Windy City International Cycle in St. Charles, IL, sponsor the brunch space and the beverages, including our 2022 Champagne Toast.  Thanks to "JB" Bussert, GM at Windy City for his great collaboration and that of his team.  For more pictures of the event, join our club Facebook Posting Forum: https://www.facebook.com/groups/nibmwclubforum