2022 Miles Add Up for Club Breakfast Rides

2022 Miles Add Up for Club Breakfast Rides

Riding together or meeting there, club members rack up miles on simple Thursday and Saturday Breakfast Rides.

We may have set a record in 2022 for the number of breakfast rides the Club has held and the number of miles ridden for simply breakfast run.

Through October 2022, members and guests went on 30 breakfast rides, running either on a Thursday or a Saturday.

Approximate miles ridden tipped well over 2,000 miles.

That's a lot of breakfast! Multiple that by typically 3-5 people joining a ride and total miles add up pretty quickly!

NIBMW Club is a riding club first and foremost, and plans rides to locations such as Dixon, IL, Antioch, IL, Janesville, WI, Burlington, WI and many locations in between.  Members and anyone interested in membership can either ride in a group that typically leaves from Huntley, Crystal Lake or Island Lake, IL, or simply ride on one's own and meet other riders at the designated restaurant.  To get our riding notices, click here.

To learn more about membership, go to our Membership page.

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