Book your lodging for 6/26-28 Club Weekend – Wakefield, MI

Book your lodging for 6/26-28 Club Weekend – Wakefield, MI

The Club is doing a ride and weekend of fun to Wakefield, MI and Big Snow Resort.

Normally a Ski resort, in summer Big Snow offers super low rates for rooms and amazing paved and off road trails for motorcyclists.

This will be our first trip to Big Snow, and we're excited about the close location to Lake Superior which almost guarantees cooler weather this time of year than Chicago

Riding up together is optional, but can be fun.  We’d start from the Full Moon Restaurant in North Chicago on Rt 41.  Plan for six hours to get up to Wakefield.  Big Snow is just a few miles outside of town. Google calls it six hours if we left at 9:00 am Friday June 25.  Allowing for lunch, we’d arrive by 4:00pm in the afternoon.

The basic route up to Wakefield...

This is a pay your own way event.  You do not need to be a club member.

  • Lodging: $68/night and goes up for condos.
  • Stay for 3 nights and the 3rd night is free.
  • Reserve in Indianhead Village.
  • Call Tim Moon, 1 800-346-3426 and use promo code BMWMOA.

Email Membership Director Bryan Whitehead and let him know if you think you'll come: [email protected] This event is open to both non-CLUB members and Members.  You are not required to have a BMW motorcycle to attend.  It's a great way to spend some quality time with the Club and get to know a few folks.