8,415 Miles in 11 Days in the Iron Butt Rally – Club Meeting 3/17 Info

8,415 Miles in 11 Days in the Iron Butt Rally – Club Meeting 3/17 Info

The Club Meeting on March 17 will feature club members Doug and Liz who tell their story of how they survived riding 8,415 miles 2-up in 11 Days in the Iron Butt Rally in 2021, becoming Finishers in the long tradition of The World's Toughest Motorcyclists road rally.

The IBR competition has been put on by the Iron Butt Association every two years since 1991.  It involves a combination of physical endurance, navigation strategy, routing expertise and motorcycle riding skills.

Liz and Doug traveled through all kinds of terrain and weather including desert, rain, 110+ degree heat, a waning forest fire, salt flats, mountains and city traffic, and will share how they did it.  They talk about how they prepared, what went right and what went wrong (oh so very wrong!) and how they became two of the few people in the world to successfully Finish the event.

The meeting will also cover upcoming Club rides, t-shirt pick up details, upcoming Tech Day in May, the first weekend ride to Minnesota and more.

All members and wannabe members are welcome.  Information will be sent out for a Zoom link and restaurant meeting location.  Right now the meeting will tentatively take place at Jimmy's Charhouse on Randall Road in Elgin, with Zoom as back up.  Social hour 6:30 p.m. and meeting starts at 7 p.m.  Order drinks/dinner on your own.

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