Club Members Get Their Learning On!

Club Members Get Their Learning On!

February and March riding....not so much!  But, those months are a great time for Club members to take advantage of advanced learning.  Here's some photos from two recent events:  Accident Scene Management training for motorcyclist bystanders, put on by a non-profit called Accident Scene Management.  And some great Garmin Basecamp software training given at our February Club Meeting.

Laptops cover the table at February meeting as members learned routing.

BMW Club members learn how to move an accident victim out of harms way, should fire or other immediate danger threaten.



  1. Rick GRUBER

    Have you considered doing the Accident Management Training online and recorded via WebEx or Zoom?
    I know that WebEx has the capability to record sessions, so I can only assume that Zoom also provides this function.
    Once recorded, you can make it available to the membership, particularly those that are remote to Ill.

    1. Hi Rick, thanks for your input. The class is provided by a non-profit organization which conducts sessions throughout the country, and even internationally. Their content is copyrighted, so we cannot record and redistribute. A lot of it is hands on training as well. Here is their website if you would like to check them out.

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