Sat 5/22 Tech Day, Club Cookout

Sat 5/22 Tech Day, Club Cookout

Wrenches, Burgers, Tires, and "Da*n, I dropped my bike."

NIBMW is putting on a 4-5 hour tech day Saturday, May 22, 9 am to 2 pmish at 160 Industrial Drive, Gilberts, IL.  And even better, there's coffee, donuts, hamburgers and brats involved! Meet up with old friends and new!

If you've never plugged a flat tire or learned to lift a fallen bike, come an practice 5/22.

Hands on demonstrations.

  • Yep, use that plug tool and practice on our old tires
  • Don't just watch a video of how to lift a bike.  Try it. (but you can watch Kirk's video on how to anyway.)
  • Our esteemed club treasurer will also be showing everyone how to change their oil.
  • Bring your own oil, and change it right there.
  • Learn about adding lights to increase visibility
  • Check out how to add air pressure tire monitors if you don't have them today

We're getting a count of who might come using an Eventbrite link.

We're using the parking lot and facilities of NJ Tech, Inc., 160 Industrial Drive, Gilberts, IL.