Wow! Great weather, roads for Kettle Breakfast Ride

Wow! Great weather, roads for Kettle Breakfast Ride

Fall Riding at its Best through Kettle Moraine Roads

There was a great turnout for the pop-up Kettle Moraine breakfast ride to Olde Cedar Inn, West Bend, WI.

Thanks to Will, our Saturday breakfast ride leader, for arranging for several meet up points so club members and guests could easily join the group on the ride Will laid out.

Kettle Ride Just One of Dozens in 2023

The Kettle breakfast ride was one of dozens led this year by the Club's two outstanding ride leaders, Will and Vic.  Between them, they led Club members and friends to some of the best restaurants for breakfast throughout Illinois and Wisconsin, even working in a ferry crossing for one Thursday ride!

With the 2023 riding season slowing down and coming to an end, the Club is grateful for the efforts of these two leaders, and also to all the folks across Northern Illinois, Chicagoland and Wisconsin who join in and make the riding so much fun and full of camaraderie.